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Team Spirit Showcase

In Celebration of
High School Musical 3: Senior Year which opened in theatres
October 24, 2008

Team spirit is alive and well in American schools!

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Behind-The-Scenes Photos from High School Musical 3 Team Spirit Showcase
Featured stories

Working in Harmony at Fillmore Central H.S., Harmony, Minnesota

Marching Amidst the Glaciers at Colony H.S., Alaska

Empowering Multiplicity at Trenton Peabody H.S., Tennessee

Visualizing the Extraordinary at Sebring H.S., Florida

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The Team Spirit Showcase is featuring stories of teamwork from high schools across America, in celebration of High School Musical 3: Senior Year which opens in theatres October 24.

Fillmore Central H.S. provides opportunities often afforded only to students in larger cities. What the region lacks in size or financial resources, is more than made up for with a small-town work ethic and unbridled teamwork.

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Colony H.S. band members are hardy souls. As performers in Alaska's only active marching band, they've successfully blazed a trail to elevate the team spirit at their school.

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Teamwork and support among activities is a way of life at Peabody H.S. in Trenton, Tennessee. That's why you'll see so many football jerseys in the band at halftime.

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Sebring H.S. marching band member Cody Breen is living the philosophy taught by his band director: that anything is possible. Discover why this story is so extraordinary.

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