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From The 13th Chair Trombone Player

Humorous and inspiring author DJ Corchin offers his unique observations about life in the world of marching bands.

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Top 20 Hilarious Things Seen and Heard at BOA Grand Nationals 2018

By DJ Corchin
Posted November 13, 2018

O...M...G. They came from everywhere. Some in the middle of the night. Some in the middle of the day. All in the middle of adolescence. Bands and their collective following stormed Lucas Oil Stadium in pursuit of excellence and leggings that have their instrument names ironed onto them. The Bands of America Grand National Championships were here once again and the world had all eyes on Indianapolis, Indiana. As I wandered around the stadium feeling pretty good from my booth being next to the airbrushing sweatshirt guy, I was pelted with reminders of what makes this art form so great. From family supporting the participants by coming up with the perfect cheer that usually involves the phrase "give me a blank," to friends loaning each other an extra twenty dollars to buy that perfect plastic flute necklace, the support was unwavering and the picture buttons were relentless. I was extremely grateful to be sponsored by once again. So in the spirit of unconditional band nerd love, I present to you The 13th Chair's 2018 Top 20 Hilarious Things Seen or Heard at Grand Nationals!

Listed in no particular order...well probably in some order, I didn't give it much thought. It's just like whatever came to mind first and then I moved things around to have a bigger impact. There, now you know my process.
  1. A band with t-shirts that say, "Don't Be Drama." Do they know they're talking about band?
  2. A band dad with a light-up street lamp on his head and a sign that says, "Alone." Don't worry band dad, someone, somewhere is totally into street lamps. Keep the faith.
  3. I'M ON A BOAT!
  4. The 13th ChairOverheard a parent trying to explain parenting to a younger parent while eating nachos: "Parenting is like a bowling alley. You can be the bumpers for a little while, but sooner or later they're going to have to stay out of the gutter themselves." True wisdom.
  5. 100 guard members in ruby slippers. You know how many homes there was no place like?
  6. A saxophone playing the most sultry rendition of "Lady in Red" I've ever heard. Give that kid a robe, some slippers, and grape juice in a wine glass. Bringin' Saxy Back.
  7. Ah, that age old story of two fish from different species falling in love on a football field and then sacrificing themselves. Classic.
  8. My Screen Time stats jumped like 14 minutes watching a marching band show.
  9. Multi-color ninjas with Ariana Grande ponytails doing workout band exercises on a giant tarp (that is now up for sale) and turning into dancing neon boogers. Just calls its how I sees it people.
  10. I witnessed the planning process of a cheer. "What are we gonna yell? Get it Caroline? Go Caroline? What are we doing here people?"
  11. Guard members carrying trombones through difficult pass-throughs. My how the tables have turned.
  12. I'm pretty sure I saw a band that had the stolen rims of previous judges displayed on the field just to stoke fear in the hearts of the current judges.
  13. A band dad with a coral reef on his head. Have you met Lamp Post Head Guy? I feel like you two would have a connection.
  14. The devil is a guard member. I knew it!
  15. Lots of people trapped behind scrims. Let them out. I'm sure they're very nice people.
  16. Overheard in the concession area: "We made a friend?" "Oh cool, what's their name?" "I don't know but I got their Snapchat."
  17. An entire guard that can see through their shins. That explains why their legs were crying.
  18. A band, with a tiger mascot, dressed as tigers, doing tiger things while the trumpets were in cages.
  19. "Once a king always a king!" Isn't that how it works? Are there term limits for kings?
  20. Gigantic futuristic dreidels! Mazel Tov!

There was so much more to discuss but I'll leave that to Facebook and the collective internet opinions. Be sure to check out The Band Nerds Book Series including the Band=Life Omnibus collection (found here) as holiday gifts 'cause...babies gotta eat yo ;)

About the Author: DJ Corchin is an international award-winning author and illustrator and a music education advocate. His alter ego, The 13th Chair has written the celebrated humorously inspiring Band Nerds book series including Band Nerds Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player, The Marching Band Nerds Handbook, Band Nerds Confessions & Confusion, and The Marching Band Nerds Awards. You can follow his blog to catch his thoughts in real time. His award-winning children's picture books focus on social-emotional awareness and are used in classrooms and early education facilities throughout the country. Some of his popular works include, A Thousand No's, Do You Speak Fish? and The I Feel... Children's Series. Mr. Corchin welcomes your comments via email. For more of his work please visit Mr. Corchin is an independent contributor so his views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of

Text by DJ Corchin. Trombone illustration by Dan Dougherty.

Copyright 2018 All rights reserved. This material may not be published or redistributed without permission.

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