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Consider These Fundraising Tips
Avoid selling chocolate during the hottest summer months ... you may end up selling soggy and messy merchandise.

Establish a fundraising committee to handle the details ... this allows the band director to focus on preparing the students for an excellent performance.

Sell products that people need and appreciate ... no need to sell overpriced gimmicks because there are plenty of useful products that you can sell.

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Quick and easy fundraisers for bands
Marching Band Fundraising Ideas

Is your marching band planning a trip to a major bowl parade? Does your winter guard need some extra cash to purchase a new floor tarp? Whether you need to raise money for travel expenses or equipment, there are many fundraising methods that can help you achieve your goal.

There's no limit to the creative variations that groups around the country have applied to their fundraisers, but popular fundraisers typically fall into three categories:

Chocolate fundraiser Product Sales: Candy, frozen food and magazine subscriptions are proven examples.

Pledges and Sponsorships: Get pledges for an activity such as a car wash or read-a-thon.

Work Programs: Work in the concession stands at your local sports arena, or help wrap Christmas gifts at the mall.

Select a fundraiser that fits your group
With so many fundraising options available, it's important to pick a fundraiser that works for the size of your group and the time you have available. suggests starting with a plan:

Set an objective: The objective you set should include a financial figure (such as $2,000), and a tangible element (to be used for buying new equipment).

Set a deadline: Your actual fundraising campaign should run for only 1-2 weeks because a short campaign will keep your participants motivated and on track. Prior to the campaign you'll need to allow time for ordering materials and organizing the fundraiser.

Know your group: Determine how many group members will participate in the fundraiser, and whether you have a volunteer base of parents to help organize the details. Do you need to stick with fundraisers that are easy to administer? How would you rate the success of your previous fundraising efforts?

Motivate your group: It will be important to maintain close and constant contact with your group members, and to motivate and encourage them constantly.

Keep it fun
The end goal of some fundraising campaigns provides enough incentive to motivate the participants. For example, if your group needs to raise $75 per person to be able to participate in a major competition, the incentive is already there. Many campaigns, however, need additional incentives to ensure success. Consider these ideas to help motivate your participants:

Individual completion prizes: Everyone who sells a pre-determined minimum amount receives a cash prize, movie tickets, or any other prize available.

Best-seller prizes: Offer a prize to the individual who raises the most money, or sells the most units.

Draw prizes: Every participant who sells a pre-determined minimum amount is entered into a drawing for cash prizes or other merchandise.

Intangible prizes: These are often the most effective for the participants, and as a result, create the most incentive. For example, have your directors agree to come to rehearsal in a silly costume! Being creative in this aspect is important, and can help make your fundraiser a true success.

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